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Criminal Defense

Attorney Jack Carson Revvill has successfully defended men and women accused of crimes for twenty-five years, from theft to murder, domestic violence, gang crimes, sexual assault, drugs, DUI, and more. If you are accused, don’t let the prosecutor get the upper hand – get your own criminal defense team today.

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Domestic Violence

An arrest in a domestic violence case frequently represents a crisis in the life of a family as well as the life of an individual. You need a highly experienced attorney who is sensitive to the circumstances of your particular case to get the best possible result.

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Experience at Work

Your freedom does not just depend on constitutional guarantees – it depends on people who are devoted to being the best, and who put their skills, training and experience to work to fight for the rights of their clients in every single case.


The Law Office of Jack Carson Revvill is a professional criminal defense law firm, representing people who have been accused of committing crimes. Attorney Jack Revvill takes great pride in what he does and believes that he offers his clients the best representation available, whether that involves negotiating favorable plea bargains or taking cases to jury trial. During the twenty-five years he has been practicing in California's Central Valley, the law has changed to dramatically increase punishment while reducing the legal and constitutional protections historically provided to the accused. And while defendants in criminal cases are legally presumed innocent, a person sitting in jail has a good reason to ask, “if I'm presumed innocent, what l am I doing sitting here with bail so high my family and I could never post it?” It is just because the deck seems to be so stacked against people accused of committing crimes that they need to find an attorney who is part of a team committed to representing their interests in court. That “team” is made up of the attorney, his or her staff, various experts, and the defense investigators.

If you have had an opportunity to review your police reports (or the reports of the Sheriff, the Highway Patrol, the D.E.A., or you name it), you will have seen already that they are very one-sided. They don't tell your story. Our firm works closely with local private investigators to develop the defense of your case. It has been our experience that many of our cases are successful because of our own investigation of the facts. As an example, during a January, 2016 jury trial in Kings County, our investigator, working closely with our client, located and got to court a witness who almost single-handedly tipped the scales of justice in favor of acquittal.

If you are our client, we promise to represent you to the best of our ability, striving always to provide great service. For twenty-five years Jack Carson Revvill has represented people in all types of criminal cases in state and federal courts, successfully defending clients in murder cases (including the death penalty) and other homicides, drug cases, sexual offenses, domestic violence, drunk driving, assaults, theft cases, firearms offenses, street gang cases, Three Strikes and You're Out cases, and more. In all those years Mr. Revvill never worked for a government agency that prosecutes folks.

The firm provides a full range of services for people who need our help, including:

•Obtaining bail reductions and release on a person's own recognizance;

•Providing drug and alcohol assessments and programs;

•Extensively investigating the true facts of your case using our own investigators;

•Effectively challenging unlawful searches and cases of insufficient evidence by litigating pretrial motions such as motions to suppress evidence and 995 motions;

•Jury trials;

Expungements (P.C. section 1203.4), and reductions of felonies to misdemeanors;

Other post-conviction relief, including motions to vacate.

While hiring an attorney can be expensive, our fees are based generally on the complexity of the case. In some circumstances payment plans are available. If you are charged with a crime, we hope you will take the time to contact us. Unless we tell you otherwise beforehand, the initial consultation is free.

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A professional criminal defense law firm regularly serving Fresno, Kings, Madera, and Tulare Counties, we have appeared in courts all over California. Our office is conveniently located in a historic section of downtown Fresno close to the 41 Freeway, and within walking distance of all of the downtown courts, State and Federal.

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