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Sexual assault encompasses a very large number of crimes, including but not limited to rape, unlawful sexual intercourse, sexual battery, kidnap or assault for the purposes of committing rape, forcible oral copulation, sodomy, or sexual penetration, indecent exposure, and the sexual crimes against or involving children.  Sexual offenses involving children include the many different child molestation crimes and, among others, child pornography.

Typical Penal Code sections involving sexual assault and sexual offenses with alleged child victims include, but are not limited to: sections 209, subdivision (b)(1) (kidnap to commit rape or other specified offenses), 220 (assault with intent to commit rape or other specified offenses), 243.4 (sexual battery), 261 (rape), 261.5 (unlawful sexual intercourse), 288 (lewd or lascivious acts involving children), 288a (oral copulation), 288.5 (continuous sexual abuse of a child), 288.7 (sexual intercourse, sodomy, or oral copulation with child 10 years of age or younger), 289 (forcible sexual penetration), and 290 (relating to registration of convicted sexual offenders and the failure to register).

Although I no longer handle child sexual abuse cases, I have extensive experience in defending all manner of alleged sexual misconduct crimes, from defending those accused of indecent exposure to those accused of rape, kidnap for rape, child molestation, and federal child pornography charges, among others.  If you, a family member or other loved one is or might be facing some type of sexual assault or misconduct prosecution, it is imperative that you immediately seek legal representation.  Should you call my office regarding an allegation of child sexual abuse, I or my staff will be sure to put you in touch with an attorney who will handle your case with the attention and passion it deserves.

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